The Johnsons


Across the Red Sea is a mash up of loops and live performance. The Johnsons opine about the dangers of Satan, love, and degradation. While there may be some musical aspects, much of the live musical performance is pretty noisy.

Jocko’s Exploding World 
Imagine you are in Twenty-Nine Palms, CA. Next door to your Air bnb is a burnt out compound consisting of: 4 charred school buses, a blown out shotgun shack, dead trees, vulcanized vinyl records, and assorted old playboy magazine pages. Your Air bnb host tells you that, Jocko Johnson used to live there. You begin to wonder… 

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The Johnsons are a trio. Comprised of: Chiffy Johnson, violin, vocals, and kalimba, Silky Johnson, tenor guitar, loops, vocals, and John Johnson cello. We are inspired by themes of loss, redemption, and poetic irony. The Johnsons enjoy playing live and improvising. With a broad range of musical and non-muscial influences the Johnsons bring a unique sound and vision to their performances.

Artist Location: Long Beach, CA

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