Dylan Ricards

Dylan Ricards

Dylan explores the fetishization of material through a critical lense that orbits concepts such as the body, the sacred, appropriation, and the fallacy in monuments. He lives in Long Beach.
Dylan Ricards is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Long Beach, CA. His work explores the alchemic slippage between organic and inorganic materials through a post-humanistic lens.

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On-site Event June 3rd

Future Fetish 
I have a friend who schedules an hour in their day, every day around 5, to cuddle with their cat. They don’t take calls, or do phone shit, or anything else. It’s a ritual.
A plastiglomerate boulder is counterweighted with a television, tyed in shibari knots, playing video content. Power is needed for the television and media. I’d love to suspend the counterweighted objects from an existing overhang as a way to to tie the work into the site. If this is not possible, I can provide an armature.

On-site Event June 4th

Heavy Metal Machine
Heavy Metal Machine is a sculptural installation that highlights the ever presence of sound in our world by acting both as a sound prism, reacting in realtime to changes in its surrounding environment. It offers an opportunity to be hyper present in moments of chaos and harmony.

Mundane ambient noise – the rhythm of passing footsteps, the white noise of automobiles in the background, birds conversing in a tree canopy, the chatter of children – all become source code for this closed circuit system.

Heavy Metal Machine consists of a rectangular steel armature supporting a suspended sheet of stainless steel, and a second steel armature suspending a stainless steel vessel filled with water. A microphone is positioned between the armatures capturing ambient sound, which is fed into a mixer and then sent to transducers adhered to the back of both the stainless steel sheet and water vessel.

As ambient sound is captured by the microphone, it is sent to the transducers and reverberated through the steel sheet and steel vessel, creating intense self oscillating drones that ebb and flow depending on the state of the environment around the structure. In particular, as sound is amplified through the water vessel, it is visualized in chaotic cymatic forms, making visible the auditory energy that engulfs us and guides us.

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2021:
Dylan Ricards with Charles XXV
Sound Bath
“Sound Bath” was conceived as a way to perceive sound both visually, physically, and socially and was designed to be appreciated as an aesthetically pleasing and calming physical object.

In this iteration, we will be mic’ing the environment to capture the sound that will manipulate the bath, creating an interactive experience for viewers.

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