Electric Sound Bath

Electric Sound Bath

ELECTRIC SOUND BATH is a Los Angeles Experimental New Age duo comprised of Ang Wilson (Singing Bowls & Modular Synth) and Brian Griffith (Bass Guitar & Electronics). Taking cues from nature, mindfulness and 20th century avant-garde pioneers; ESB attempts to prove the circularity of time through holistically grown loops and dense fields of sound.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Virtual Breakout During the Outbreak June 6th Livestream

Shuttle [audioscapes]

Moments (Excerpt)

Earmaginations [silent videos]


Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2020:
Shuttle Audioscape Moments, audio excerpt
and Earmaginations Silent video Moments, video excerpt

Originally performed in October 2018 at Locust Projects in Miami, Florida as part of the “20/20” event that celebrated the 20th anniversary of Locust Projects by hosting 20 consecutive hours of hour long performances. The audio was created with modular synth and bass guitar loops inspired by the movement of the oceans. A companion video was originally paired for this piece, however, for soundpedro, we wanted to inspire serendipity. 

“Moments” will be deconstructed, somewhat, by separating the video and audio: the audio will play on the shuttle and the video silently as part of the Earmaginations zone. While most people will experience one of the other, perhaps not even knowing that there are two parts, a lucky few will discover the link and hear the sound, then see the video. Either piece can be enjoyed independently and knowledge of the two separate parts does not deteriorate the desired outcome: thoughtful tranquility.

Moments was filmed at various nooks along the California coast. As a common point of relaxation and contemplation, the beach also serves as an example of equanimity: its existence is the liminal place between the sea and land whose stark contrast could create a dangerous area. However despite the difference, the two have melded beautifully by simply existing as they are. Both the audio and video carry pieces of the whole: the sound washing over the mind and the video a reminder of simple treasures.

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