M. Couronne and Leah Shane Dixon

M. Couronne and Leah Shane Dixon

M. Couronne is a multimedia artist and design professional with a background in avant-garde design. 

Leah Shane Dixon is an LA-based artist working with visual music, multimedia collage and a lifelong investigation of color theory.


Forest of Enchantment

Forest of Enchantment will create a lush and vibrant environment of sounds inspired by the sounds of the natural world: bird chirps, insect buzzes, howls, water flowing, and the primordial soup from which life springs. Accompanying the audio and serving as a backdrop for the audio will be installations of multicolored light, wall-hung art, at least one video projection, and several installation tableaux that add a visual layer of richness onto the experience. Entering in through the front hallway in Leah Shane’s studio, visitors will enter an immersive and synaesthetic refuge from the ordinary world. The installation will include visual, sculptural, musical, performance, and interactive elements, employing a tapestry of skills and modes of expression to instill a sense of wonder and awe. In addition to the layered atmospheric and simulated animal vocalization noises on playback devices, there will be live improvised vocal performance through a microphone: more animal noises in reaction to the needs of that moment. The focus of the installation is not to depict a specific selection of animals so much as an evocation of the feeling of walking into a forest filled with activity that is both bustling with life and vigor as well as exhibiting a quiet, restrained harmony of a multitude of beings co-existing.

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