Marc Perez

Marc Perez

Marc Perez Marc Perez is quickly emerging as an essential and unique performer-composer in his own right. Marc’s music often features goals of addressing social issues and focusing on true inclusivity, especially when concerning musical pedagogy. His aesthetics range from long durational sound textures, ethereal and meditative soundscapes to vicious and atmospheric blends of noises. Marc has a wide range of works featuring electro-acoustic, sound art, jazz & non-traditional instrumentation settings. 

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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On-site event June 1st

Presenting with Pablo Perez.

Soundscapes [audio tracks] On-site June 3rd and online June 11th

the mouth cries, the eyes kill. 
This work is meant to highlight and illustrate a struggle in sonic communication between two entities. One is searching for Love, guidance, something warm that will validate they existence. The other seemingly responds in lack of care, not only in a micro sense but a macro sense, showing the other entity they mean nothing.

ACE [Artist Curated Events]

Audio presentation Online October 27:
The Sound of The Nexus Touches Our Warm Bodies
“The Sound of The Nexus Touches Our Warm Bodies” is a track meant to depict our volatile partnership with technology. We all yearn to build connections, to access one another’s hearts through a chiral network in attempts to make meaningful impressions and memories with one another. There is an immense beauty to this, as well as a sinister and malignant nature that exists within this nexus itself. It is vast, it is all knowing, it is all remembering, it is us yet not truly us. This track depicts a story of one’s literally fusing with this world wide nexus we all have access to in the palm of our hands.


Performance October 29, 2023
at Torrance Art Museum’s Nomad II

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