Pablo Perez

Pablo Perez

Pablo Perez has been a prolific presence in the Los Angeles experimental underground, having performed numerous times at local arts organization Coaxial, The Getty Museum, Sound Pedro, Handbag Noise Festival, Late Breakfast, Triptronics events at Echo Park’s Little Joy, Noise Engineering Noise Blast, and more. Additionally, he was the first performer at the first Synthplex Synthesizer festival and gear expo, and he helps co-run the free outdoor Modular On The Spot events in Los Angeles, a beloved series combining the communal bond of a picnic setting with performances exclusively utilizing modular synths.

Mike Dobler is a live composer and performer using modular and boutique electronic equipment. The compositions are technique-focused, emphasizing on spontaneous and improvised exploration towards a precarious unknown destination with a few jump scares and comic relief along the way. Whoops, that’s the Jungle Cruise.

Artist Location: Venice Beach, CA

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On-site event June 1st

Collisions is an innovative multimedia project aimed at bringing together experimental musical artists, captivating visuals,  to create a unique and immersive experience for audiences. This project seeks to explore the intersection of music, art, and competition in a dynamic and engaging way.

Performances throughout the evening will also include the following Artists: 

Marc Perez
Marc Perez is quickly emerging as an essential and unique performer-composer & educator in his own right. Marc’s primary instrument is the trombone, and his performance practice focuses on the trombone in all improvisation settings. Much of his compositional work focuses on efficient access to sonic information via non normative music notation as well as an emphasis on musically expressing narratives surrounding BIPOC, such as himself.


SpaceRacer (Dr. Brandy Nunez) is a space musician and multi-instrumentalist at the intersection of sound and science.  She is co-founder of the Southern California Synth Society, whose purpose is to educate and facilitate interest in music through open synthesizer performances, DIY builds and community events for the inclusion of women, LGBTQ and people of color.


Wild Wild Mike
Michael McDowell is a multimedia artist exploring how narrative underlies all ontologies through our collective and personal myth-making.

Fascinated by overlooked moments of the everyday; he arranges fragments of sound, image, voice, and text into fleeting monuments, artifacts, and allegories of yearning and the endless corruptibility and (re)configuration of memory.

He performs and produces music as Wild Wild Mike, using a genre-hopping approach towards an ambient experimental pop that emphasizes the ephemeral qualities of seeking, knowing, and forgetting.


Nicki Chen
Hi I’m Nicki

Music is my homing signal, reaching out to old souls and those ready to look within. This is my way of searching for soulmates.

I’m a violist that uses improvisation to embrace instability and search for forgotten experiences and hidden energy.

I love spontaneous improvisation with people I have never met before. This special energy of familiarity and the myth of a stranger fuels something beautiful and exhilarating with each new experience. Themes of home, community, loneliness, and perseverance also drive my sound but I also acknowledge and enjoy that often people have different ways of relating to my work in a way that would be the most healing or cathartic for them.

I invite the audience to join me in surrendering to the process of peeling back armor to reveal raw emotions without fear of judgment or imperfection.


Skyler King
Visual and Projections

On-site Event June 3rd

Air States II curated by Pablo Perez for the 2023 soundpedro event will showcase experimental artists challenging sound norms across genres like noise, ambient, and modular music. The theme challenges traditional sound-mistake relationships. Expect an atmosphere of exploration and experimentation, immersive visuals and diverse artists. Air States II aims to create a space for sound experimentation and exploration, promising a unique and unforgettable experience. More information on Air States II artist page.


Performance October 29, 2023
at Torrance Art Museum’s Nomad II

On-site Event June 4th

“Brokenity” is a collaboration between sound artist Pablo Perez and Mike Dobler. It explores the broken sonic relfections, machine error states, recorded audio’s, and dismissed environmental ambience. It is a narration of how noises interact with each other outside their harmonic, melodic and rhythmic components. It reverses the listeners priority and showcases the hidden sonic languages that celebrates the broken.

ACE [Artist Curated Events]

Air States

Air States is an audio and visual collection curated by Los Angeles sound artist Pablo Perez of sonic explorations celebrating errors, brokenness, and recycled audio artifacts. Five artists were selected to submit their own interpretation of brokeninty recontextualized into compositional sound epiphanies enhanced by video accompaniments.
Videos by Mike Dobler, The2VVO, Dillon Bastan, Kerby Ferris, Pablo Perez, Gabie Strong with Visualization by John Pearson.

About the Artists:
Mike Dobler
Visuals are performed on Sleepy Circuits Hypno using outdated firmware. Hypno, traditionally geometric and fractally, is set to its limits resulting in unintended consequences of minimalism (minus the chroma).

Sounds are generated by Equation Composer (discontinued). Apparently the modulation affects lines of code in an already-goofy glitch source.

Modulation: Tactile in real time via sloppily smearing cables across copper plates on Make Noise Teleplexer (underrated); signals from Wogglebug and Mannequins Just Friends. Results are non-reproducible.

Mike Dobler is currently an active billiards philosopher and chaos enthusiast.
Likes: Coconut frozen things and kayak techno sunsets.
Dislikes: Microplastics and censorship of the fuck word.
Artist website | Bandcamp

In the live set we explore error as a driving mechanism or a building block of improvisation. It features both electronic or synthesized elements, as well as acoustic. The former is expressed through a faulty hard drive, whose pulses are not only sonified, but also provide a temporal reference for analog synthesizers. The counterpoint to that is an evolving texture born out of a nearly ritualistic process of paper being ripped. It emphasizes the constitution of the space, time, and scene itself, including all elements that may affect and problematize its course of action.

The2vvo (thezwo) is an artist duo from Kazakhstan currently living between Berlin and Los Angeles, made up of Eldar Tagi (sound art) and Lena Pozdnyakova (sculpture, architecture, visual arts). The duo explores the complicated dynamics between cultures and spaces, objects and processes through sound, sculpting, and performance.
instagram | Bandcamp

Dillon Bastan
“Dillon Bastan is an error artist. In his latest mistake, “Shaped by rorre”, he totally fucks up the nature of error.”
Artist website | Instagram

Kerby Ferris
“Secondary Laws for Mechanics and Chance” is a time palindrome about chaos and order, both arising from both.

All sounds and triggers are sourced entirely from captured audio, and processed together with random data and boolean logic, in the context of a generative modular patch.

Kerby Ferris is a musician and a builder. She is listening for the chemical clock rhythm that sounds under unstable, nonlinear, and nonequilibrium conditions.
Artist website | Bandcamp

Pablo Perez
I am in a deteriorating relationship with control, perfection and validation. This work honors the gravitational pull to errors, noise, nonsense, and the creation-destruction lifecycle. It is an exercise in contradiction. It is a document of me succeeding at my own failures and insecurities. It is the the new beauty. It is I and I is it.
Pablo Perez: Instagram | Facebook

Gabie StrongArtist website | Instagram
John PearsonArtist website | Instagram

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