Thomas Miley

Thomas Miley studied with Anthony Braxton, David Rosenboom and Larry Polanski; Elizabeth Mills Strothers award for Excellence in Composition at Mills College (MA); American Conservatory of Music (BM); additional studies were at Chicago Musical college, Berkeley Jazz School; Director of Audio Technology, SEGA of America, Inc.; Adjunct Professor, California State University, East Bay, Adjunct Professor, Foothill College, member of Electronic Music Ensembles: In Your Face, Cone of Confusion, Analogous; numerous performances in Bay Area including KPFA, Berkeley Store Gallery, The Lab, Sound Culture SF, ICMC (Greece), SEAMUS (Austin, Texas).

Artist Location: San Francisco, CA

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On-site event June 1st

NerveTree is a collection of hundreds of sounds that form a sound particle cloud. This is analogous to the teeming biomass (largely bacteria and other microbes) that are contained by and usually outnumber a “host” organism’s cells. In human and other large-scale organisms, collectively, this microbiota has a signature, an identity, that is comprised of cells interacting and communicating with each other on the smallest scales (even exchanging DNA – retro-viruses have even inserted their DNA into the human genome to continue their existence). This sound piece presents a subtly shifting minute society comprised of hundreds of individual sounds, each following a trajectory or path through pitch and positional space directed by complex envelopes, forming an ever-changing and subtly shifting “entity” in the smallest scales. 

This video depicts minute particle transference and signaling in nerve cells  The 4-channel version allows for more spatialization to traverse the space.

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