Virtual BreakOut During the OutBreak Videos [VBODOBV]

During June, four dates, significant in the lives of artists, as well as moments, connected to aurality and/or sound art, have been selected to feature videos, dealing with diverse themes and ideas, by soundpedro2020 artists. 


June 11th: Ornette Coleman died at 85, June 11, 2015. He resounded across the discursive terrain of aural art, bending music towards pure sonification, as evidenced by his inclusion in proto and early sound installations, as well as being regarded a forebearer by many sound artists.

The first group of artists, to have been shown in Gallery A: Upstairs.
Through their participation in soundpedro2020schizophonia, these digital artists are perceived and contextualized by the curators as boundary crossing into sound art.

Playlist (Start time of each video segment. Full video length 24:17)
Simple Harmonic Motion 5R (00:09) Memo Akten
Paradigm Shift (03:29) Bonnie Mitchell & Elainie Lillios
Terabyte Psychedelics (09:31) Victor Acevedo
Awakened Silence (12:52) Rachel Dickey
Sweeping Memories (16:08) Bonnie Mitchell & Elainie Lillios
Acevedo + J3m5 @ LACDA May 25, 2019 (19:34) Victor Acevedo


June 17th: Phillips Pavilion (Le Corbusier, Iannis Xenakis, Edgard Varèse) completed in June of 1958 for the World’s Fair in Brussels. The concrete pavilion of nine hyperbolic paraboloids featured Edgar Varèse’s Poème électronique, as spatialized by sound projectionists using telephone dials. Xenakis’s musique concrète composition Concret PH was heard upon entrance and exit.

Video Playlist (Start time of each video segment. Full video length 32:47)
(im)Material Remains (00:09) Ashton Phillips
Trame (04:55) Costantino Rizzuti
Sound Shadows (09:26) Erin Demastes
Drip.. Drip… Drip…. (13:00) Karena Massengill
On Shore Flow (17:37) 
Mescalito’s Whistle (21:15) the2vvo
Whitney Canyon (25:41) Tim Feeney
Espèces Perdues (30:27) WTCHCVLT


June 20th: Kurt Schwitters was born June 20, 1887. His seminal work, Ursonate, is an extraction of “primordial sound” that breaks down language so as to assemble it anew into self reflexive sound-meanings and voiced irrationalities. Or, as sound artists have since done, vice versa.

Video Playlist (Start time of each video segment. Full video length 36:43)
Recombinant Tangibility (00:09) Alex Braidwood
SANCTIFICATION (04:47) Augmented Medium
Phassa (08:30) Inouk Demers
Poison Tree (12:57) LA Electroacoustic Ensemble
The Fuse (16:51) Michael Raco-Rands + audipoeta
The Violence of Ignorance (19:32) Scar3city
Birdsong (24:21) Steven Speciale and his Loyola High School Students
Love Birds (29:11) The Silverduckling
the Price (31:52) wikiGong.com


June 24th: Rummaging through modernity to resurrect ancient sensibilities that should have existed but never did, Harry Partch (born June 24, 1901) invented ur-sonorities, musical instruments, and “sui-generis sound machines.”

Video Playlist (Start time of each video segment. Full video length 23:24)
Mask (00:09) Clowns & Fetuses
salt in the air (02:42) divinebrick
Lets go crazy again (04:17) Henry Krusoe
ka-bloom (06:40) Madu.Chino
Vibration Experience (11:04) Martin Espino
Stimulus Progression of Automatic Behavior (15:20) miser
Boom Boom Zoom (20:10) The Box of Boom