Audio Livestream 2020

soundpedro2020schizophonia audio livestream took place June 6, 2020, starting at 7 PM.
Over two hours of audio, provided by some participating soundpedro2020 artists.
It’s all about the listening.

Playlist (approx. track play time, starting at 7:30 PM – all times PST)
Inouk Demers – Phassa (7:30 PM)
Phoebe Barnum & Turdmeister – Drip Drip (7:34 PM)
Steven Speciale and his Loyola High School Students – Birdsong (7:39 PM)
Electric Sound Bath – Moments (Excerpt) (7:44 PM)
Vedran Mehinovic – Supercluster [excerpt] (7:48 PM)
Jeremy Harbin – Untitled for soundpedro (7:53 PM)
Tim Feeney – Whitney Canyon (7:57 PM)
the2vvo – Mescalito’s Whistle (8:02 PM)
Augmented Medium – SANCTIFICATION (8:06 PM)
I.A. Bericochea – cc 04 (8:09 PM)
Erin Demastes – Sound Shadows (8:13 PM)
Madu.Chino – Pulse of emotion (8:17 PM)
Hookah (via Victor Acevedo) – Terabyte Psychedelics (8:20 PM)
Miser – stimulus progression of automatic behavior (8:25 PM)
Michael Raco-Rands + Audipoeta – The Fuse (8:29 PM)
Karena Massengill – Drip.. Drip… Drip… (8:34 PM)
Ashton Phillips – (im)Material Remains (8:38 PM)
Scar3city – The Violence of Ignorance (8:43 PM)
Constantino Rizzuti – Trame (8:47 PM)
Memo Akten – Simple Harmonic Motion 5r (8:50 PM) – The Price (8:55 PM)
Andrew Mandinach – Can You Hear Me Worrying Over The Airwaves? (8:59 PM)
The Silverduckling – Love Birds Live Sample (9:01 PM)
LA Electroacoustic Ensemble – Poison Tree (9:04 PM)
divinebrick – Video Card Working on Overdriv (9:09 PM)
Ecca Echo – O as in Ozone (9:13 PM)
On Shore Flow – audio soundtrack (9:17 PM)
Rachel Dickey – Awakened Silence (9:20 PM)
YoungTseng – Bureau of Thanks soundpedro2020 (9:22 PM)
Martin Espino – Vibration Experience (9:26 PM)
Clowns and Fetuses – Wear a Mask! (9:29 PM)
Elainie Lillios – Paradigm Shift (9:33 PM)
Gary Raymond – He He (9:35 PM)
Jorge Espinosa – Carlos (Roof/Techo) (9:40 PM)
soundShoppe – 5 – 2020 mix (9:44 PM)
WTCHCVLT – Espéces Perdues (9:46 PM)
Alex Braidwood – Recombinant Tangibility (9:51 PM)

Virtual attendees are invited to bring out your own sound equipment and share the live stream as a simultaneous community sound event.
Make happen your own local soundpedro2020schizophonia by:

  • Streaming soundpedro’s audio located on, starting at 7:30 PM on June 6th.
  • Placing speakers, phones, audio equipment etc. on porches, out of windows, in backyard patios, etc.
  • Asking neighbors to join in a socially-distant sound art block party or apartment complex balcony installation. Sound doesn’t need to be loud, just loud enough to create spatialized soundscape (as loud as a mellow lawn party).
  • Or just stream in your home. Anything you may come up with, like a car speaker drive by, is encouraged.
  • Also streaming on Facebook Live
    Join in and chat with us as you experience the live audio stream.
  • Please post any visual and/or audio documentation, of your participation on social media. Use hashtags #soundpedro #soundpedro2020

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