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SynthLab is a collective of electronic musicians and visual artists based in Long Beach, CA. We have been producing experimental sound, and multimedia events since 2015.

Artist Location: Long Beach, CA

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Using a large array of analog and digital electronic, SynthLab creates a continuous soundscape, ranging from quiet ambiance to harsh experimental noise.

On-site event June 1st

2024 Artists: Álvaro Cáceres, univac, Putney Swope, Qrux, Dub Station Zero, Faraday Cage, OSC1Nation, Cannibalistic Caterpillar

2024 Artist bios

On-site Event June 3rd

2023 Artists: Faraday Cage, univac, Putney Swope, Qrux, Rychard Cooper, Skyler King, Damon Ramirez, Dub Station Zero, Cannibalistic Caterpillar

2023 Artist bios

On-site Event June 4th

2022 Artists: Cameron Johnston, Cannibalistic Caterpillar, Faraday Cage, Jesse Nason, Putney Swope – Joseph Silva, Qrux, Rychard Cooper, Tobias Banks and José Solares, and visuals by univac

2022 Artist bios

June 5th Audioscapes

SynthLab Audio+Video concert.

2021 Artists: Christina Wilson, Alex Miller, Jesse Nason, Cannibalistic Caterpillar, Putney Swope – Joseph Silva, Loren Nerell, Qrux, Ocular Bats – Tobias Banks, univac, Rychard Cooper, Cameron Johnston, Faraday Cage

2021 Artist bios

SynthLab Video Concert

2020 Artists: univac, Jesse Nason, Qrux, Kantor, Rychard Cooper, Faraday Cage, Cannibalistic Caterpillar

2020 Artist bios

2019 Artists: Qrux, Kantor, Rychard Cooper, Faraday Cage, Som Shankar, Kittyspit, Cannibalistic Caterpillar, univac

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